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Fees & Services




Meet or call to discuss requirements.

Prepare shortlist of schools for application.

Co-ordination & completion of application documentation & process.

Prepare estimate of total costs for academic year.

Preparation of child for school interview. 

School visit arrangements as required optional extra.




​Organise guardianship or host family arrangements as required.



Selection of extra curricular activities (music lessons, extra English support etc).

Ordering all school books, stationary & boarding supplies, sports gear & school uniform.


Our Fees


For Application Process & Following Acceptance - €1500 for EU children, Non EU fee details on enquiry.


School Fees

Depending on the selected school, boarding school fees range from €15000 to €28000 approximately each year, paid directly to the school.


Guardianship Fees


Depending on the level of service required cost ranges from €1000 - €3000.


Photo courtesy of St Columba's

Our fees are payable at the beginning of the process, we will only recommend schools for application where there are available places, fees are for the selection and application process only, & not subject to your child being accepted.

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